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The use of land is often regulated by state and local jurisdictions.  Between and idea and swinging a hammer, there are often different levels of regulations to navigate.  Zoning is one level of regulation imposed on land owners.   Most zoning in the Denver metro area is based on Euclidean zoning which attempts to keep similar uses together, such as residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural.  The failure to obtain zoning permit may result in the penalty or closure.  The process becomes more complicated when when seeking a variance or zoning change as part of a development project.  There is often multiple moving parts going back and forth between the municipality and project support team working to address concerns and reach solutions to problems.   The owner will likely need several approvals of plans, permits and agreements from several different departments before beginning to move dirt.   Since 2000, I have handed a variety of zoning, land use and entitlement matters.   I will help get you through the entitlement process.