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Dedicated Colorado Real Estate Attorney Handles a Contracts and Transactions

Law firm provides smart solutions for property owners and buyers in Denver metro area

From purchasing a house to selecting a site for a development, real estate transactions require careful planning by all parties involved. At Fischer Law Office centrally located in Denver, Colorado, I work with clients throughout the metro area to help them guide through transactions and solve problems and accomplish their real estate goals.

Creating solid contracts to minimize risk

A contract is the foundation of any real estate transaction, and a bad one can put you on shaky ground. I draft contracts with an eye toward protecting your best interests in light of all contingencies, including the acquisition of sufficient financing for a sale to go through. I provide advice on the considerations that arise during property investigation and due diligence. When reviewing a contract drafted by the broker or seller, I can spot anything that may be to your disadvantage during the closing process. I can also draw up amendments that correct the problems and fully protect your interests. 

Offering knowledgeable guidance on commercial property sales

Buying and selling commercial property can be complicated.. It is the goal of every investor to minimize transaction costs and avoid problems.  This is not achieved by closing your eyes.  There are a variety of issues, in addition to price, that each side must contemplate and clearly address in a purchase agreement.  It sounds silly, but, it is not unheard of for parties to litigate something as simple the description of the property intended to be conveyed. . Even the most knowledgeable broker will recommend both parties using an attorney to help the deal proceed to closing smoothly.  I have almost 20 years’ experience providing confident representation to buyers and seller of office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, and vacant land. 

Ensuring good title for real estate purchases

Before you consider purchasing property, it’s important to make sure that the title is clear and unencumbered by liens or defects. Clouds on title can also exist in the form of unpaid taxes, undisclosed heirs, adverse claims, pending legal actions, and errors and omissions in the seller’s deed. A real estate attorney can do a title search, remedy all exceptions to title and obtain proper title insurance.

Resolving boundary and easement disputes

Border irregularities are frequently spotted in land surveys when a property is being sold. Easements, by which someone exercises a right of way or other limited use of another’s property, can be clouds on title that must be dealt with as conditions of sale. An easement may be expressly granted or implied because it is necessary for access or because it has been in actual use for a long period of time. I can help you resolve such conflicts.

Advising on land use, zoning and permitting issues

State and local authorities place restrictions on what a property can be used for and what construction can take place on it. I help clients comply with these land use and other regulations, file development plans, and make requests for rezoning, variances and special uses.

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