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Purchase Agreements.

Buying and selling commercial property can be complicated.  It is the goal of every investor to minimize transaction costs and avoid problems.  This is not achieved by closing your eyes.  There are a variety of issues, in addition to price, that each side must contemplate and clearly address in a purchase agreement.  It sounds silly, but, it is not unheard of for parties to litigate something as simple the description of the property intended to be conveyed.  In most transactions there is a period of time in which buyer's inspections will need to occur, along with, review of title documents, survey, and approval of lender documents.  Even the most knowledgeable broker will recommend both parties using an attorney to help the deal proceed to closing smoothly.  I have almost 20 years’ experience providing knowledgeable representation to buyers and seller of office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, and vacant land.