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COVID-19 Reveals Opportunities in Colorado Commercial Real Estate

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to Colorado businesses big and small this year, but some have continued to succeed despite the circumstances. From an economic standpoint, many of the challenges facing less-fortunate businesses are gratefully temporary. But this temporary disruption is also giving rise to unforeseen opportunities. For examples, franchises have brought many benefits the Colorado commercial real estate market despite the ongoing pandemic. Read More

The show must go on….electronic solutions.

Real estate transactions in Colorado are still closing via electronic signatures, electronic recording and remote notarizing.  The recent need to avoid social engagement has not prevented real estate transactions and Read More

From the Perspective of a Commercial Real Estate Attorney: Lessons to be Learned from the Fall of WeWork.

WeWork highlights some dangers of investing in fad real estate arrangements. Fads are short term and most leases are long-term. Real estate owners should be aware of the risks of leasing to occupants engaged in this type of business model to incorporate the additional risk posed by market fluctuations. The final takeaway is this: Sometimes it is worthwhile to pursue a high-risk tenant if the benefits outweigh the potential costs. Just be aware of the circumstances that may arise from this type of arrangement and mitigate your risks as much as possible. Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Leasing

Leases can be complicated agreements to negotiate. Here is a list of those situations that arise repeatedly in my practice. Read More

Hello World!

Welcome to the official blog of  Fischer Law Office  . We will begin posting on this blog shortly, so please check back regularly for updates about  Read More

Viewing 1 - 5 out of 5 posts