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Commercial Leases.

Leases many people take leases them for granted.  Yet, a lease binds two parties in a relationship that will last many years and involve tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.  Not all leases are the same.  It is important to know that your lease meets the needs of your business.  Additionally, there are a variety of other side agreements that arise as part of the lease such as, work letters, guaranty agreements, franchise addendums, estoppel certificates and subordination and non-disturbance agreements (aka SNDAs).   You need professional help.  I have negotiated commercial leases for almost two decades in Colorado and nationally.  I offer a representation in all most lease transaction including new lease agreements, lease amendments, subleases and assignments.  Whether the lease agreement concerns an office building, retail location, restaurant, or medical office, flex space or warehouse, I am here to move your transaction forward.