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Easements and Party Wall Agreements.

An easements and party wall agreements are agreements between adjacent property owners.   An easement is the grant of a right of one party to enter upon the property of the granting property owner's property.  This is generally done for the purpose of facilitating access for people, vehicles or utilities.   It is not uncommon for parties to discover that an agreement granting easement does not actually exist or does not accurately describe the area being used for the easement.   The easement agreement describes the benefits and burdens associated with the granted easement.     An easement agreement should (among other things) clearly describe the easement area, the use of the easement, and duration of the easement right.  Most easements include additional concepts specific to the deal, including, initial construction and future maintenance.  I have almost 20 years preparing and negotiating easement agreements.  Whether you are sharing a driveway  or installing drainage improvement or have any other easement needs, I can provide a cost-effective solution.